Body Aware Makerthon: Disrupting Traditional Food Preservation

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At the Body Awareness Makerthon, a food designer and two Stanford graduate students set out to challenge our perception of food storage. The group came up with an idea for an individually-powered fridge and oven hybrid.

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Disrupting Traditional Food Preservation

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Project partners

Future Homes is an initiative to explore how we will live in the future and how we might create solutions for those homes. They work on how IKEA can offer beautiful and affordable solutions that support our wellbeing in various ways.

Dickson, Doruk & Jacopo

Stanford graduate students Dickson Chow, Doruk Gurel & food designer Jacopo Sarzi. Read more about them via their profile photos below.

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Fresh Living

The Fresh Living Lab is all about exploring how we can live healthier lives and make better choices for both the planet and ourselves

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